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Emotions are the body’s expression of our personal, internal spiritual alignment.

Your emotions can tell you right away and very clearly whether you are thinking or acting authentically. Negative emotions and beliefs arise out of our inauthentic self, and positive emotions and beliefs are a sign that we are aligned with our true, authentic self. The moment we realize that we have the ability to influence our emotional state, we realize that we can decide which part of us is in charge — the inauthentic part that gives us all those negative life symptoms or the authentic part, which yields abundant joy and bliss. I want to be very clear here — experiencing negative emotions is never grounds for dipping into self-judgment. Those emotions are arising to give you a clear alert: attention is needed! Insight is just around the corner. You will learn how to speak the language of your own emotions.

And when the authentic you is in charge, you experience a life of boundless joy. And you really do realize that it was there all along. That is what I mean by telling you that you are already whole. At first it is hard to hear that you are the creator of the train wreck that is your life right now. But, Precious, precious one. The wonderful news is that you can create what you really want. And it is so simple. It’s simple to understand and you can do it.

It’s not a linear process and you have to keep going when it seems like life may get worse. But you can. There is something inside you that brought you here, and that is your authentic self who is so excited to be revealed to you. Don’t get thrown off thinking that if you don’t have everything you thought you wanted in this exact moment, that you are not on the right path.

Becoming emotionally sovereign doesn’t mean that you will never experience painful emotions in your life. It means that you will now feel LOVED by your experiences instead of being victimized by them. This is the path of mastery.

Using the techniques of the great avatars (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna) and contemporary spiritual teachers (Abraham Hicks, David Hawkins, Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard), you will grow your self-mastery and you will witness as your Divinity unfolds before you automatically.

You will learn practical techniques for caring for your emotions in the painful and acute moments when it feels like your emotional pain may swallow you. You will also get comfortable with using breathwork to access higher states of consciousness.

Many people are blocked when it comes to the how of starting to live their dreams. Through this work, you will learn exactly how to create your own perfect path to realize your true, divine nature for the rest of your life. You will have a framework for consistently and reliably accessing your own higher self that always knows what is best for you (which, by the way, also happens to be in the highest good for the world).

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The golden buddha is a famous icon in Bangkok. When the city was under imminent attack, quick-thinking monks covered the priceless, giant golden statue in a layer of plastered mud. It worked to divert attention from the statue's true worth. Invaders did not see the treasure right in front of them and so the statue remained unharmed and in place. But. The clay was in place for so long, that the people forgot what was underneath, just as we have forgotten our true, divine nature.